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w12 Wed 2020-03-18 w12
14:00 - 19:00 107760, KETF35, KETF35-0117, Sp:01.1, T-B4, T-K3, T-RH4, T-W4-p, Tentamen
w17 Fri 2020-04-24 w17
08:00 - 13:00 107760, KETF10, KETF10-0209, KETF25, KETF25-0113, KETF35, KETF35-0117, KETF40, KETF40-0117, Omtenta, Sp:01.1, Sp:01.2, T-B2, T-B3, T-B4, T-K2, T-K3, T-MWLU1, T-RH4, T-V4-vr, T-W3, T-W4-p, T-W4-vr, VVAN05, VVAN05-0317
w34 Fri 2020-08-21 w34
14:00 - 19:00 107760, KETF01, KETF01-0116, KETF10, KETF10-0209, KETF25, KETF25-0113, KETF30, KETF30-0117, KETF35, KETF35-0117, KETF40, KETF40-0117, MA:201.1, MA:201.2, MA:201.3, MA:201.4, Omtenta, T-B2, T-B3, T-B4, T-K2, T-K3, T-RH4, T-V2, T-W3, T-W4-p, VVAF01, VVAF01-0109