Time Course Course/exam code Examination Activity Group Room, Location Comment Comments Modified Dep
w2 Mon 2018-01-08 w2
14 - 17 FMIN15, TFRN20 FMIN15-0117, TFRN20-0110 Environmental Management Systems Examination TFRN20, W4-ms MA 9E 2018-03-19 14:06 107181
w34 Thu 2018-08-23 w34
8 - 13 FMIF01, FMIF05, FMIF10, FMIF35, FMIF50, FMIN15, FMIN25, FMIN30 FMIF01-0213, FMIF05-0214, FMIF10-0113, FMIF35-0116, FMIF50-0217, FMIN15-0117, FMIN25-0117, FMIN30-0117 Examination, Examination and Environmental Legislation Project, Sustainable Development from an Electro-technological Perspective, Environmental Management Systems, Energy Systems Analysis: Energy, Environment and Natural Resources, Written Examination and Assignment Retake examination E3, E4-em, E4-ki, F4-es, I3, Pi3, V2, V4-tv, W3, W4-es, W4-ms, W4-p Sparta:B FMIF01 4 timmar FMIF05 4 timmar FMIF10 4 timmar FMIF35 3 timmar FMIF50 3 timmar FMIN15 3 timmar 2018-09-10 12:14 107181
Retake examination