• &object= is mandatory in URL


With this page schedule-URLs can be constructed.

URLs constructed must use UTF-8 characterencoding.

The values that are required to create a schedule are:
  • Page ID. The page settings will be used to for the look of the schedule and the page dateinterval will be used as the default dateinterval.
  • Object. External ID for one or more objects. Atleast one object must be given. Each object has its own type.
Optional values:
  • Begin date and end date. Format: yyyymmdd, example: 20100831.
  • Relativ start and relative end. Example: 1 week forward.

URL Structure and optional values

Example URL:

URL section Usage Explaination
se.timeedit.net/web/su/ Customer signature Identify the customer as "su"
/db1/ Database urlpath
/stud1/ The entry path
s.html? Path to the Schedule Creator and file type .html for HTML and .ics for iCal file
sid=3 Page ID Sets the Layout, Language and Columns in schedule used. A list of avalible Page IDs can be found under Administrator -> Schedule Creator.
object=A100&type=room Object and Type The externa id of the object and the type. Multiple parameters of object= and type= is allowed up to 15.
object=B200&type=room Object and Type
p=0.m,2.w Optional Period The timeperiod used. m=Minutes, h=Hours, d=Days, w=Weeks, n=Months 0.m,2.w => 0 minutes(now) +2 weeks
l=fi Optional Language Set the language of the page to a fixed value, overides the user setting and the page setting. en=English, fi=Finnish, no=Norwegian, se=Swedish
h=t Optional Header Shows the pageheader.
h2=f Optional Hide header buttons Hide the buttons in the header.
h2=2 Optional Hide header buttons and header Hide the buttons and header.
part=t Optional Show only schedulecontent, no header, no footer, no menu. Show only schedule.
id=<Reservation ID> Optional Show only a specific reservation with that ID.
fl=f Optional Hide 'Open in new window'-link
wb=1 Optional Break words to fit screen. When page is less then 850px wide the CSS "word-break: break-word" will be used.
wb=2 Optional Break all words to fit screen. When page is less then 850px wide the CSS "word-break: break-all" will be used.